Server CLI Reference

Man page and instructions for using the NGINX Instance Manager CLI.

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This document is intended to help people run NGINX Instance Manager on the command line.


Install NGINX Instance Manager and know where the binary location is. By default, the packager installs nginx-manager to /usr/sbin/nginx-manager.


nginx-manager is the CLI binary for NGINX Instance Manager.

  nginx-manager [flags]

      --audit-log string              set API access log path
      --auth                          enable auth checks on server
      --bind-address string           set the bind address for all service ports (default "localhost")
      --cert string                   Path to x.509 certificate file
      --gateway-port string           set gRPC-gateway service port for API and UI (default "11000")
      --grpc-port string              set gRPC service port for agent communication (default "10000")
      --headless                      disable UI service
  -h, --help                          help for nginx-manager
      --key string                    set path to x.509 certificate key file
      --license string                set path to the license file
      --log-level string              set log level (panic, fatal, error, info, debug, trace, info) (default "info")
      --log-path string               set log path and if empty log only to stdout/stderr (default "/var/log/nginx-manager/")
      --login                         enable temp login page
      --metrics-storage-path string   set storage path on disk for metrics (default "/tmp/metrics")
      --rbac                          enable Role-Based Access Control
      --server-name string            set the bind address for all service ports
      --skip-validation               disable NGINX config validation in editor
  -v, --version                       version for nginx-manager