Troubleshooting Guides

This guide explains how to determine, diagnose, and fix issues you might encounter when using Instance Manager.

Platform and Module Troubleshooting Guides

View the troubleshooting guides for the NGINX Management Suite platform and modules:

Known Issues

View the known issues and possible workarounds in the NGINX Management Suite modules:

Check Installed Module Version

To see which version of an NGINX Management Suite module is installed, run the following commands:

  • Instance Manager:

    yum info nms-instance-manager
  • API Connectivity Manager:

    yum info nms-api-connectivity-manager
  • Security Monitoring module:

    yum info nms-sm

  • Instance Manager:

    dpkg -s nms-instance-manager
  • API Connectivity Manager:

    dpkg -s nms-api-connectivity-manager
  • Security Monitoring module:

    dpkg -s nms-sm

How to Get Support

If you need additional assistance, refer to the following topics for guidance on how to contact Support and create a Support Package: