Offline Installation

This document explains how to install NGINX Instance Manager in an offline environment.

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NGINX Instance Manager is designed to run without internet access in most cases.

Install from packages

To install offline, you need to manually download the package and license files. Follow the installation instructions for the server and agent.

All dependencies are included with the packages.

CVE Checking

We do connect to the internet to get a list of the current CVEs to use with the scan function. To manually update this list, you can download and overwrite the cve.xml file in the /usr/share/nginx-manager directory.

Download the cve file

$ curl -s > /usr/share/nginx-manager/cve.xml

Rerun the scan. If it is not picked up, you may need to restart the nginx-manager service; however, NGINX Instance Manager is designed to check the internet for a copy and then use the local copy if it cannot be found. Run the curl command and change the location it writes to, then copy the file into that directory on the nginx-manager server. This updated the CVE list for NGINX Scan functions.