NGINX Management Suite brings together advanced features into a single platform, making it easy for organizations to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot NGINX instances; manage and govern APIs; optimize load balancing for apps; and enhance overall security.

Explore the topics below to find out what the NGINX Management Suite modules have to offer.

Instance Manager

Instance Manager allows you to configure, scale, and manage NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus instances.

The Instance Manager module was initially developed as a REST API that uses standard authentication methods, HTTP response codes, and verbs. The Instance Manager REST API allows you to access all of the module’s features, manage Instance Manager objects and the NGINX Management Suite platform programmatically, view metrics, edit configurations, manage certificates, create users, and more.

The Instance Manager features available through NGINX Management Suite’s web interface are built on top of this REST API.

Instance Manager Key Features

Instance Manager provides the following features:

Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring allows you to monitor NGINX App Protect WAF with analytics dashboards and security log details to get protection insights for analyzing possible threats or areas for tuning policies.

Security Monitoring Key Features

The Security Monitoring module provides the following features:

  • Informative dashboards that provide valuable protection insights
  • In-depth security log details to help with analyzing possible threats and making policy decisions

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