This topic describes possible issues users might encounter when using API Connectivity Manager. When possible, suggested workarounds are provided.

System returns 403 Forbidden error for authorized resources


Users are unable to access API Connectivity Manager features that they’ve been granted permission for.

The system returns errors similar to the following examples:

  • Web interface error: “ACM license not found.”

  • API error: “Error accessing resource: forbidden. Please contact the system administrator. User has not been granted READ permission.”


New roles require a minimum of READ access for the Licensing feature. Without READ access for Licensing, users will be unable to access pages for which they have been granted permission; instead, the system will return 403 Forbidden errors as licensing errors.

API Connectivity Manager module doesn’t show up in the web interface


After installing the API Connectivity Manager module, the module doesn’t appear in the NGINX Management Suite web interface.


  • Force refresh the web page.

  • Restart the API Connectivity Manager service:

    sudo systemctl restart nms-acm

Can’t delete API Connectivity Manager objects after upgrading NGINX instances


After upgrading NGINX Plus instances to R27, you may not be able to delete Environments, Proxies, or Dev Portals in the API Connectivity Manager module.


Try restarting the NGINX Agent after upgrading NGINX.

  • To restart the NGINX Agent, run the following command:

    sudo systemctl restart nginx-agent

How to Get Support

If you need additional assistance, refer to the following topics for guidance on how to contact Support and create a Support Package: