This topic describes possible issues users might encounter when using the NGINX Management Suite platform. When possible, suggested workarounds are provided.

System returns “502 Upstream Unavailable” after installation


After installing NGINX Management Suite, when accessing the web interface, the system returns the error “502 Upstream Unavailable.”


If you have SELinux installed, you need to load the SELinux policy module that’s included with NGINX Management Suite. For instructions, refer to the Configure SELinux topic.

NGINX proxy gateway warns “1024 worker_connections are not enough”


If the NGINX proxy gateway for NGINX Management Suite alerts you that there are not enough worker connections, you may need to modify the NGINX configuration (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf on the NGINX Management Suite host) to allow more worker connections and increase the number of file descriptors for worker processes.


Unable to retrieve entitlements

If you are using a JWT license, make sure to allow inbound and outbound access on port 443 to the following URLs:

How to Get Support

If you need additional assistance, refer to the following topics for guidance on how to contact Support and create a Support Package: