Install NGINX Management Suite with Ansible

This guide shows you how to install NGINX Management Suite using the open-source Ansible role. Easily reproduce your installation across multiple environments through automation.

Open-Source Project on GitHub
The steps in this guide refer to the Ansible NGINX Management Suite Role project on GitHub.

Installation Flow

The Ansible role for NGINX Management Suite simplifies the installation process by installing all the prerequisites and any modules you specify.

A diagram showing the installation flow of the NGINX Management Suites Ansible role.

Figure 1. NGINX Management Suite Ansible flow


  • To view the Ansible role requirements, click here.

Getting Started

  1. Install the Ansible role by using an Ansible Galaxy requirements file. Follow the installation steps here.

  2. Next, run the Ansible playbook. Create a file named nms-playbook.yml (or any other name) with contents similar to the following example:

    - hosts: nms
      become: yes
          certificate: ./nginx-repo.crt
          key: ./nginx-repo.key
        nms_setup: install
          - name: acm
          - name: adm
          - name: sm
        - nginxinc.nginx_core
        - nginxinc.nginx_management_suite
  3. Create an Ansible hosts file containing the hosts you want in the group listed in your playbook.

  4. Run the playbook:

    ansible-playbook -i <path-to-your-hostfile> nms-playbook.yml
See Also:
For a comprehensive list of configuration options, click here.

Getting Support

If you need assistance or have questions, you can find support from the NGINX Management Suite Ansible Role Project on GitHub.