Build and Deploy Images

This guide points you to step-by-step instructions for building and deploying NGINX Management Suite images on different cloud providers.

Open-Source Project on GitHub
The steps in this guide refer to the NGINX Management Suite Infrastructure as Code project on GitHub.


The Packer stage involves building the cloud image and installing NGINX Management Suite using the Ansible role for later use in the deployment stage.


  • To view the Packer requirements, click here.

Getting Started


The Terraform stage deploys the cloud images built during the Packer stage. There are two kinds of deployment examples.

  1. Basic Reference Architecture: This deploys both the control plane and data plane using cloud best practices.
  2. Standalone Architecture: This deploys the control plane in isolation. Although this is not a best practice solution, it can be used as a simple deployment option for multiple clouds.


  • Before proceeding, ensure you have built the relevant images in Packer. For the basic reference Architecture, you will need both NGINX Management Suite and NGINX images.
  • For more details about the Terraform requirements, click here.

Getting Started

Get started with the basic reference architecture and deploy the following infrastructure by following the steps in the AWS NGINX Management Suite Basic Reference Architecture guide.

A diagram of the AWS basic reference architecture.

Figure 1. AWS NGINX Management Suite basic reference architecture

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