Release Notes

These release notes list and describe the new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in NGINX Management Suite API Connectivity Manager.

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See the Known Issues page for a list of known issues in the API Connectivity Manager and possible workarounds.


July 19, 2022

What’s New

This release introduces the following features:

  • Create and manage isolated workspaces for business units, development teams, etc., so each team can develop and deploy at its own pace without affecting other teams.
  • Create and manage API infrastructure in isolated workspaces.
  • Create and manage production and non-production environments within team workspaces and control who can access APIs at various lifecycle stages. For example, keep APIs under development private and publish production-ready APIs for public access.
  • Enforce uniform security policies across all workspaces by applying global policies.
  • Create Developer Portals that align with your brand, with custom color themes, logos, and favicons.
  • On-board your APIs, publish to an API Gateway cluster, and publish your API documentation to the Developer Portal.
  • Let teams apply policies to their API proxies to provide custom quality of service for individual applications.
  • On-board API documentation by uploading an OpenAPI spec.
  • Publish your API docs to a Developer Portal without giving the public access to your API.
  • Monitor system and traffic metrics at the instance level.
  • Self-service credential issuance for API Keys and Basic Authentication.
  • Test API calls to your system using the “Try it out” feature in the Developer Portal.