Uninstalling a dynamic module

This section describes how to uninstall an NGINX Plus dynamic module.


  1. To uninstall a dynamic module:

    For Amazon Linux 2, CentOS, Oracle Linux, and RHEL:

    yum remove <dynamic_module_name>

    For Amazon Linux 2023, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux:

    dnf remove <dynamic_module_name>

    For Debian and Ubuntu:

    apt-get remove <dynamic_module_name>

    For SLES:

    zypper remove <dynamic_module_name>

    For FreeBSD:

    pkg delete <dynamic_module_name>


After uninstalling the package, you will need to disable the module in NGINX Plus configuration file nginx.conf.

  1. Disable dynamic loading of the module by removing the corrsponding load_module directive.

  2. In NGINX Plus configuration file, remove all directives related to the dynamic module.

  3. Test the configuration and reload NGINX Plus to disable the module:

    nginx -t && nginx -s reload

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