Release Notes 3.19.14

These release notes contain information about new features, improvements, known issues, and bug fixes in the NGINX Controller API Management Module.


We encourage you to install the latest version of the NGINX Controller APIM module to take advantage of the newest features and updates.

Technical support is provided for earlier versions that were released within two years of the current release.

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Upgrading from NGINX Controller 3.x to NGINX Controller API Management Module 3.18 or later

NGINX Controller 3.x includes the NGINX Controller Application Delivery Module (ADC) and NGINX Controller API Management Module (APIM).

Starting with APIM 3.18, the ADC and APIM Modules are released independently on different schedules.

If you’ve installed NGINX Controller 3.18 or earlier before July 2021, we recommend you use the ADC Module going forward.

However, if you want to upgrade to APIM 3.18 or later, we recommend you upgrade to NGINX Controller 3.17 first.


June 1, 2022

Upgrade Considerations

Take note of the following considerations when upgrading to this version of the NGINX Controller API Management Module:

  • After upgrading NGINX Controller, make sure to upgrade the NGINX Controller Agent too.

  • If you’re upgrading NGINX Controller on a multi-node cluster, run the script on each node individually – the order in which you update the nodes doesn’t matter.

    Never update the control nodes in parallel. Doing so may result in race conditions for certain jobs, such as database migrations, and may cause the cluster to become unavailable.

Resolved Issues

This release fixes the following newly found issues:

  • Verification error due to expired license certificate (34400)

    Verification of licensing can fail due to an expired certificate. An entry is added to the logs confirming the verification error.

  • Published API fails to upsert when it contains multiple components with multiple IDP providers (34208)

    Published API fails to upsert when the Published API has multiple components, which reference both JWT and API Key IDP provider types.

  • Published API fails to upsert when IDPs span multiple apps (34207)

Known Issues

The following issues are known to be present in this release. Look for updates to these issues in future release notes.

  • Developer Portal fails to load when referencing a deleted API (38713)

    If an API published to a developer portal is deleted, the developer portal will fail to load completely.

Supported NGINX Plus Versions

Refer to the NGINX Controller Technical Specifications Guide to learn about the NGINX Plus versions supported by this release.