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NGINX Controller Version 1.0.1

These release notes provide general information and describe known issues for NGINX Controller version 1.0.1, in the following categories:


  • Alerts - fix issue where editing an alert with threshold could result in an error
  • Analyzer - fix issue where old SSL cert could still be evident in the report alongside the new cert that replaced it
  • Analyzer - show appropriate message when port is missing for the listen directive
  • Configure - provide better error descriptions in the UI
  • Configure - fix issue where error notifications disappeared too quickly before they could be fully read
  • Configure - fix issue where user would see “undefined” error when loading a config that included a stream block
  • Configure - fix issue where virtual server SSL block is inactive after a page reload
  • Configure - fix issue where empty directives were not copied to the generated config file
  • Configure - fix issue where proxy is not allowed in regex location
  • Configure - fix issue where the validation for healthcheck URI does not allow for query params
  • Configure - fix issue of no validation for duplicate upstreams
  • Configure - fix the wrong visualisation of healthcheck config after a push config action fails
  • Configure - fix error about server name being too long in the generated config

Known Issues

No known major issues in this release