View Events

View the audit log of system and user actions.


The Events page shows a log of the system and user actions for NGINX Controller. The logs are organized by event categories and levels, making it easy to identify and review issues.

View Events

Take the steps below to view NGINX Controller events:

  1. Open the NGINX Controller user interface and log in.
  2. On the Analytics menu, select Events.
  3. To view additional information about a particular event, select the event from the list to open the details pane.

You can filter the events by typing a keyword in the search box and/or by selecting a time period. You can filter the results further by Event Categories or Event Levels.

Event Categories

You can select from the following Event Categories:

  • Agent Events;
  • Agent Status Events;
  • Controller Events;
  • Audit Events – a log of all actions performed by NGINX Controller users;
  • Forwarder Notifications – events emitted by Data Forwarders
  • Workload Health Events – events emitted by the Controller Agent when the health of an upstream server changes;

To view the logs for a specific category, select the category name from the Event Categories list.

Event Levels

Event levels sort events according to their information level: Debug, Info, Error, Warning, and Critical.

To view the logs for a specific level, select the level name from the Event Levels list.