Learn about NGINX as a Service for Azure.

What Is NGINX as a Service for Azure?

NGINX as a Service for Azure is a service offering that is tightly integrated into Microsoft Azure public cloud and its ecosystem, making applications fast, efficient, and reliable with full lifecycle management of advanced NGINX traffic services. NGINXaaS for Azure is available in the Azure Marketplace.

NGINXaaS for Azure is powered by NGINX Plus, which extends NGINX Open Source with advanced functionality and provides customers with a complete application delivery solution. Initial use cases covered by NGINXaaS include L7 HTTP load balancing and reverse proxy which can be managed through various Azure management tools. NGINXaaS allows you to provision distinct deployments as per your business or technical requirements.


The key capabilities of NGINXaaS for Azure are:

  • Simplifies onboarding by leveraging NGINX as a service.
  • Lowers operational overhead in running and optimizing NGINX.
  • Simplifies NGINX deployments with fewer moving parts (edge routing is built into the service).
  • Supports migration of existing NGINX configurations to the cloud with minimal effort.
  • Integrates with the Azure ecosystem (Microsoft Entra, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Monitor).
  • Addresses a wide range of deployment scenarios (HTTP reverse proxy, JWT authentication, etc).
  • Adopts a consumption-based pricing to align infrastructure costs to actual usage by billing transactions via Azure.

Supported Regions

NGINXaaS for Azure is supported in the following regions:

  • West Central US
  • West US
  • East US 2
  • West Europe
  • Australia East
  • West US 2
  • West US 3
  • East US
  • Central US
  • North Central US
  • North Europe
  • Japan East

What’s Next

To get started, check the NGINX as a Service for Azure prerequisites