Billing Overview

NGINX as a Service for Azure Billing

NGINX as a Service for Azure (NGINXaaS) is a consumption-based service, metered hourly, and billed monthly in NGINX Capacity Units (NCUs).

These costs will appear on the Azure Portal Cost Analysis page and the Azure Consumption APIs. There may be a 24h delay before usage is visible.

NGINX Capacity Unit (NCU)

An NGINX Capacity Unit (NCU) quantifies the capacity of an NGINX instance based on the underlying compute resources. This abstraction allows you to specify the desired capacity in NCUs without having to consider the regional hardware differences.

An NGINX Capacity Unit consists of the following parameters:

  • CPU: an NCU provides 20 Azure Compute Units (ACUs)
  • Bandwidth: an NCU provides 60 Mbps of network throughput
  • Concurrent connections: an NCU provides 400 concurrent connections

Each NCU provisioned (not consumed) is billed at the rate specified on the Azure Marketplace Offer. The minimum usage interval is 1 hour, and the maximum provisioned NCU size is billed for that hour.

Billing Example 1: “I provisioned a 20 NCU NGINXaaS deployment in East US 2 at 9:04AM and then deleted it at 10:45AM.”

  • The hourly rate in East US 2 is $0.03/NCU/hour.
  • 9:00 hour: 20 NCU·hour
  • 10:00 hour: 20 NCU·hour
  • Total NCU·hours: 40 NCU·hour
  • Total: 40 NCU·hour * $0.03/NCU/hour = $1.20.

Billing Example 2: “I provisioned a 40 NCU NGINXaaS deployment in West Europe at 9:34AM. At 10:04AM I resized it to 20 NCUs. I then deleted it at 11:45AM.”

  • The hourly rate in West Europe is $0.05/NCU/hour.
  • 9:00 hour: 40 NCU·hour
  • 10:00 hour: 40 NCU·hour
  • 11:00 hour: 20 NCU·hour
  • Total NCU·hours: 100 NCU·hour
  • Total: 100 NCU·hours * 0.05$/NCU/hour = $5.00.

Further guidance:


The standard Azure networking and bandwidth charges apply to NGINX deployments.

The management traffic for NGINX instances is billed as a Virtual Network Peering - Intra-Region Egress charge. This charge includes the data for shipping metrics and logs. The cost for shipping metrics data is approximately $0.03/month. If you enable NGINX logging the cost increases by roughly $0.005 per GB of logs NGINX generates. To estimate this, multiply the number of requests by the average log line size of the access_log format you have configured.


When creating deployments with ARM templates, the correct SKU is standard_Monthly.