Configure alerts


NGINXaaS for Azure publishes custom metrics to Azure Monitor. To learn more about how to create and manage metrics-based alert rules, refer to the Alerts section in Azure Monitor documentation from Microsoft.

This guide explains how to create and configure metrics-based alerts for your NGINXaaS for Azure deployment using Azure Monitor.


See Azure monitor overview documentation to familiarize with Azure Monitor.

Create metrics-based alerts for proactive monitoring.

  1. Go to your NGINXaaS for Azure deployment.

  2. Select Alerts in the left menu.

    Click Alerts
  3. Select Create -> Alert rule.

    Create an Alert
  4. Under the Scope tab, choose NGINX deployment as the scope of the alert.

The scope is auto-selected as NGINX deployment.
  1. Under the Conditions tab, select a signal name, for example, “nginx.http.request.count”.

    Select Signal
  2. Define the alert logic such as:

    • Set the threshold and average as per your requirements.

    • Set the frequency to evaluate alerts as per your requirements.

    Define Alert Logic
  3. Define the actions:

    Create Action Group
    • Define the notification settings: whom to notify when the alert is triggered. See the Configure notifications section.
    Notifications Setting
    • (Optional) Define an action to be performed when the alert is triggered, such as a runbook or azure function.
  4. Fill out the details of the alert:

    • Specify the severity of the alert, and the name of the rule.

    • In the advanced options tab, you can turn on “Enable alert upon creation” and “Automatically resolve alerts”.

    Define Alert Severity
    Alerts tab
Standard Azure alert charges will apply.