Command-line Reference Guide

Learn about the commands available for the executable file of the NGINX Gateway Fabric container.

Static Mode

This command configures NGINX for a single NGINX Gateway Fabric resource.


  gateway static-mode [flags]


Name Type Description
gateway-ctlr-name string The name of the Gateway controller. The controller name must be in the form: DOMAIN/PATH. The controller’s domain is
gatewayclass string The name of the GatewayClass resource. Every NGINX Gateway Fabric must have a unique corresponding GatewayClass resource.
gateway string The namespaced name of the Gateway resource to use. Must be of the form: NAMESPACE/NAME. If not specified, the control plane will process all Gateways for the configured GatewayClass. Among them, it will choose the oldest resource by creation timestamp. If the timestamps are equal, it will choose the resource that appears first in alphabetical order by {namespace}/{name}.
nginx-plus bool Enable support for NGINX Plus.
gateway-api-experimental-features bool Enable the experimental features of Gateway API which are supported by NGINX Gateway Fabric. Requires the Gateway APIs installed from the experimental channel.
config string The name of the NginxGateway resource to be used for this controller’s dynamic configuration. Lives in the same namespace as the controller.
service string The name of the service that fronts this NGINX Gateway Fabric pod. Lives in the same namespace as the controller.
metrics-disable bool Disable exposing metrics in the Prometheus format (Default: false).
metrics-listen-port int Sets the port where the Prometheus metrics are exposed. An integer between 1024 - 65535 (Default: 9113)
metrics-secure-serving bool Configures if the metrics endpoint should be secured using https. Note that this endpoint will be secured with a self-signed certificate (Default false).
update-gatewayclass-status bool Update the status of the GatewayClass resource (Default: true).
health-disable bool Disable running the health probe server (Default: false).
health-port int Set the port where the health probe server is exposed. An integer between 1024 - 65535 (Default: 8081).
leader-election-disable bool Disable leader election, which is used to avoid multiple replicas of the NGINX Gateway Fabric reporting the status of the Gateway API resources. If disabled, all replicas of NGINX Gateway Fabric will update the statuses of the Gateway API resources (Default: false).
leader-election-lock-name string The name of the leader election lock. A lease object with this name will be created in the same namespace as the controller (Default: "nginx-gateway-leader-election-lock").
product-telemetry-disable bool Disable the collection of product telemetry (Default: false).
usage-report-secret string The namespace/name of the Secret containing the credentials for NGINX Plus usage reporting.
usage-report-server-url string The base server URL of the NGINX Plus usage reporting server.
usage-report-cluster-name string The display name of the Kubernetes cluster in the NGINX Plus usage reporting server.
usage-report-skip-verify bool Disable client verification of the NGINX Plus usage reporting server certificate.


This command sleeps for specified duration, then exits.


  gateway sleep [flags]
Name Type Description
duration time.Duration Set the duration of sleep. Must be parsable by time.ParseDuration. (default 30s)