Complete the steps in the following topics to prepare your NGINX Management Suite platform.


To install NGINX Management Suite, you need the following:

  • A trial or paid subscription for NGINX Management Suite. Sign up for NGINX Management Suite at MyF5.

  • A Linux instance for hosting NGINX Management Suite and other NGINX Management Suite modules

    • Ensure any network firewall is open for access from external systems. NGINX Management Suite uses port 443 for both the gRPC and API/web interfaces.
  • An installed version of NGINX Plus (versions R21 or later) or NGINX OSS (version 1.18 or later)

    • Refer to the Set up Authentication guide to see which authentication options are available for NGINX Plus and NGINX OSS.

Prepare Your Platform

Steps Description
1. Install NGINX NGINX Management Suite uses NGINX as a frontend proxy and to manage user access.
2. Install ClickHouse NGINX Management Suite uses ClickHouse as a datastore for configuration settings and for analytics such as metrics, events, and alerts.