This is a glossary of terms related to F5 NGINX Ingress Controller and Kubernetes as a whole.


Ingress refers to an Ingress Resource, a Kubernetes API object which allows access to Services within a cluster. They are managed by an Ingress Controller.

Ingress resources enable the following functionality:

  • Load balancing, extended through the use of Services
  • Content-based routing, using hosts and paths
  • TLS/SSL termination, based on hostnames

For additional information, please read the official Kubernetes Ingress Documentation.

Ingress Controller

Ingress Controllers are applications within a Kubernetes cluster that enable Ingress resources to function. They are not automatically deployed with a Kubernetes cluster, and can vary in implementation based on intended use, such as load balancing algorithms for Ingress resources.

The design of NGINX Ingress Controller explains the technical details of NGINX Ingress Controller.