NGINX App Protect WAF Release 4.3

May 2, 2023

In this release, NGINX App Protect WAF supports NGINX Plus R29.

This release includes new signatures for Anti Automation (bot defense):

  • Added the following Crawler bot signatures: YOURLS Crawler, Atomseo broken link checker, Checker, Aspiegel Crawler, digitalshadowsbot, idealo-bot pricevalidator
  • Added the following Exploit Tool bot signatures: BackDoorBot
  • Added the following Site Monitor bot signatures: RWTH Aachen University Scanner
  • Added the following Service Agent bot signatures: AirPlay Server Info, WP Rocket Preload

Supported Packages

App Protect

Debian 11
  • app-protect_29+4.279.0-1~bullseye_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 18.04
  • app-protect_29+4.279.0-1~bionic_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 20.04
  • app-protect_29+4.279.0-1~focal_amd64.deb
CentOS 7.4+ / RHEL 7.4+ / Amazon Linux 2
  • app-protect-29+4.279.0-1.el7.ngx.x86_64.rpm
RHEL 8.1+
  • app-protect-29+4.279.0-1.el8.ngx.x86_64.rpm
Alpine 3.16
  • app-protect-
Oracle Linux 8.1+
  • app-protect-29+4.279.0-1.el8.ngx.x86_64.rpm


  • NGINX Plus R29

Resolved Issues

  • 7987 Fixed - Fixed Violation Rating calculation for trusted bots, untrusted bots and malicious bots.
  • 8010 Fixed - Handling of response headers.

Important Note

This release introduces a change in the json_log field output for Violation details. Starting with NGINX App Protect WAF release 4.3, the Security Log’s json_log field will include all available information regarding Violation details in JSON format. Refer Security Log document for more details.