NGINX App Protect WAF Release 4.2

March 29, 2023

This release includes new signatures for Anti Automation (bot defense):

  • Added the following Site Monitor bot signatures: 404enemy, Munin Monitor
  • Added the following Spam Bot bot signatures: 01h4x, AIBOT
  • Added the following Service Agent bot signatures: 404checker, Adyen, Autohost Threat Intel API, Paystack, Pixalate, PureRef, TwilioProxy, SpamExperts
  • Added the following Crawler bot signatures: FullStoryBot, GeedoBot, infoobot, IonCrawl, MuscatFerret Crawler, NETVIBES Crawler, SeobilityBot, SMTBot, Summify, WEDOS Crawler, Yahoo Ad monitoring
  • Added the following RSS Reader bot signatures: Feed Wrangler, flusio, Page2RSS, Unread RSS Reader
  • Added the following Vulnerability Scanner bot signature: Node.js, zerodium Tester
  • Added the following DoS Tool bot signature: Siege DoS Tool
  • Added the following Exploit Tool bot signature: Criptonize Mirai Installer

New Features

Supported Packages

App Protect

Debian 11
  • app-protect_28+4.218.0-1~bullseye_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 18.04
  • app-protect_28+4.218.0-1~bionic_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 20.04
  • app-protect_28+4.218.0-1~focal_amd64.deb
CentOS 7.4+ / RHEL 7.4+ / Amazon Linux 2
  • app-protect-28+4.218.0-1.el7.ngx.x86_64.rpm
RHEL 8.1+
  • app-protect-28+4.218.0-1.el8.ngx.x86_64.rpm
Alpine 3.16
  • app-protect-
Oracle Linux 8.1+
  • app-protect-28+4.218.0-1.el8.ngx.x86_64.rpm

Resolved Issues

  • 7411 Fixed - The Protocol Buffers library has been updated to enable the usage of keywords that were previously unsupported in gRPC IDL files.

  • 7986 Fixed - When converting a policy from BIG-IP, collections with wildcardOrder, such as “urls”, may result with the default “*” element being in the wrong order relative to the other wildcard entries. This lead to unexpected and incorrect policy enforcement. convert-policy now writes these elements in the correct order. Importing a policy with an unexpected order also works as expected.

  • 7939 Fixed - Requests blocked due to VIOL_ATTACK_SIGNATURE although all signatures disabled.

  • 7199 Fixed - Alignment of notification and availability of NGINX App Protect Signature updates.

Important Note

  • This release introduces a change in the package dependencies for NGINX App Protect WAF. Customers who work in a SELinux-enforced environment should now explicitly list app-protect-selinux package when performing App Protect clean install and upgrade.

    NGINX App Protect WAF’s SELinux module is now an optional package (meaning -  not included in default installation). In order to install app-protect with app-protect-selinux package, use the following command:

    yum install app-protect app-protect-selinux