NGINX App Protect WAF Release 4.1

January 31, 2023

This release includes new signatures for Anti Automation (bot defense):

  • Added the following Site Monitor bot signatures: OhDear, Cloudflare Monitor, Google Uptime Monitor, NIXStatsbot
  • Added the following Service Agent bot signatures: semanticbot, Datafeedwatch, W3C_Unicorn
  • Added the following Crawler bot signatures: SearchAtlas, Baidu-YunGuanCe-Bot, Capsulink Crawler, arocom Crawler, sovrn Crawler, TangibleeBot Crawler, Curebot Crawler, DnyzBot Crawler, bitbot Crawler, Botify Crawler, myUsage Cralwer, RepoLookoutBot, Grafana Crawler

New Features

Supported Packages

App Protect

Debian 11
  • app-protect_28+4.100.1-1~bullseye_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 18.04
  • app-protect_28+4.100.1-1~bionic_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 20.04
  • app-protect_28+4.100.1-1~focal_amd64.deb
CentOS 7.4+ / RHEL 7.4+ / Amazon Linux 2
  • app-protect-28+4.100.1-1.el7.ngx.x86_64.rpm
RHEL 8.1+
  • app-protect-28+4.100.1-1.el8.ngx.x86_64.rpm
Alpine 3.16
  • app-protect-
Oracle Linux 8.1+
  • app-protect-28+4.100.1-1.el8.ngx.x86_64.rpm

Resolved Issues

  • 7298 Fixed - decodeValueAsBase64 feature is now disabled and the default value for decodeValueAsBase64 is set to disabled to avoid high chance of false positive violations.
  • 7238 Fixed - Hyphen metacharacter is now allowed by default in JSON and XML Profiles.