NGINX Amplify Agent Overview

Learn about the NGINX Amplify Agent.

NGINX Amplify Agent is a compact application written in Python. Its role is to collect various metrics and metadata and send them securely to the backend for storage and visualization.

You will need to install the Amplify Agent on all hosts that you have to monitor.

After proper installation, the agent will automatically start to report metrics. You should see the real-time metrics data in the NGINX Amplify web interface in about 60 seconds.

NGINX Amplify can currently monitor and collect performance metrics for:

  1. Operating system (see the list of supported OS here))
  2. NGINX and NGINX Plus
  3. PHP-FPM
  4. MySQL

The agent considers an NGINX instance to be any running NGINX master process that has a unique path to the binary, and possibly a unique configuration.

There’s no need to manually add or configure anything in the web interface after installing the agent. When the agent is started, the metrics and the metadata are automatically reported to the Amplify backend and visualized in the web interface.

When a system or an NGINX instance is removed from the infrastructure for whatever reason, and is no longer reporting (and therefore no longer necessary), you should manually delete it in the web interface. The “Remove object” button can be found in the metadata viewer popup — see the User Interface documentation.