Overview and Main Components

Learn about NGINX Amplify and its main components.

What Is NGINX Amplify?

NGINX Amplify is a tool for comprehensive NGINX monitoring. With NGINX Amplify it’s easy to proactively analyze and fix problems related to running and scaling NGINX-based web applications.

You can use NGINX Amplify to do the following:

  • Visualize and identify NGINX performance bottlenecks, overloaded servers, or potential DDoS attacks
  • Improve and optimize NGINX performance with intelligent advice and recommendations
  • Get notified when something is wrong with the application infrastructure
  • Plan web application capacity and performance
  • Keep track of the systems running NGINX

Main Components

NGINX Amplify is a SaaS product, and it’s hosted on AWS public cloud. It includes the following key components:

NGINX Amplify Agent

  • The agent is a Python application that runs on monitored systems. All communications between the agent and the SaaS backend are done securely over SSL/TLS. All traffic is always initiated by the agent.

NGINX Amplify Web UI

  • The user interface compatible with all major browsers. The web interface is accessible only via TLS/SSL.

NGINX Amplify Backend (Implemented as a SaaS)

  • The core system component, implemented as a SaaS. It encompasses scalable metrics collection infrastructure, a database, an analytics engine, and a core API.