NGINX Configuration Analysis

Learn about NGINX Amplify Agent’s configuration analysis feature.

NGINX Amplify Agent can automatically find all relevant NGINX configuration files, parse them, extract their logical structure, and send the associated JSON data to the Amplify backend for further analysis and reporting. For more information on configuration analysis, please see the Analyzer) documentation.

After NGINX Amplify Agent finds a particular NGINX configuration, it then automatically starts to keep track of its changes. When a change is detected with NGINX — e.g., a master process restarts, or the NGINX config is edited, an update is sent to the Amplify backend.

NGINX Amplify Agent never sends the raw unprocessed config files to the backend system. In addition, the following directives in the NGINX configuration are never analyzed — and their parameters aren’t exported to the SaaS backend: ssl_certificate_key, ssl_client_certificate, ssl_password_file, ssl_stapling_file, ssl_trusted_certificate, auth_basic_user_file, secure_link_secret.