Where to Go for Support

Learn where to go for NGINX Service Mesh support.

Thank you for your interest in NGINX Service Mesh. NGINX Service Mesh is currently available to download via downloads.f5.com, under the NGINX Product Family.


Git Issues

For NGINX Service Mesh support or issues not addressed by documentation, please reach out via the issues tab, NGINX Service Mesh Git Issues

We use issues for bug reports and to discuss new features. Creating issues is good, creating good issues is even better. Filing meaningful bug reports with lots of information in them helps us figure out what to fix when and how it impacts our users. We like bugs because it means people are using our code, and we like fixing them even more. Please follow these guidelines for filing issues:

  • Describe the problem. Include version of Kubernetes, nginx-meshctl version, and what Kubernetes platform.
  • Include detailed information about how to recreate the issue.
  • Include relevant configurations, error messages, and logs.
  • Sanitize the data. For example, be mindful of IPs, ports, application names, and URLs.
Support for NGINX Service Mesh is not currently available via traditional NGINX or F5 support channels. All support is through the community at NGINX Service Mesh Git Issues.

NGINX Plus Kubernetes Ingress Controller Support

If you are using NGINX Service Mesh with NGINX Plus Ingress Controller for Kubernetes, you can get support through your usual channels.

Existing NGINX and F5 customers can reach out to their account team(s) for help and support with NGINX Service Mesh.