Release Notes 0.9.1

NGINX Service Mesh Version 0.9.1

This hotfix release resolves an issue affecting version 0.9.0 described below.

  • Deploying NGINX Service Mesh v0.9.0 fails when using private registry credentials (23236)

    NGINX Service Mesh allows containers to be pulled from private Docker registries. If you’re using a Docker registry that requires authentication, NGINX Service Mesh v0.9.0 will fail to start. A deploy message and error similar to the following is displayed:

    Deploying NGINX Service Mesh Control Plane in namespace "<namespace>"...
    Created namespace "nginx-mesh".
    Created SpiffeID CRD.
    Waiting for SPIRE to be running...done.
    Deployed Spire.
    Deployed NATS server.
    Created traffic policy CRDs.
    Deployed Mesh API.
    Deployed Metrics API Server.
    Deployed Prometheus Server nginx-mesh/prometheus.
    Deployed Grafana nginx-mesh/grafana.
    Deployed tracing server nginx-mesh/zipkin.
    All resources created. Testing the connection to the Service Mesh API Server...
    Connection to NGINX Service Mesh API Server failed.
      Check the logs of the nginx-mesh-api container in namespace nginx-mesh for more details.

    Run kubectl -n <namespace> get pods (note: always provide the namespace chosen when running the deploy command) to show the nginx-smi-metrics Pod. It will display as not ready and a status other than Running.


    If you’re upgrading, make sure to preserve the configurations saved in the previous upgrade process.

    • Remove the failed services:

      nginx-meshctl -n <namespace> remove
    • If this occurred during an upgrade and immediate restoration of service is required before download of the 0.9.1 images, re-deploy with your prior version images. Otherwise move to next step.

      nginx-meshctl -n <namespace> deploy --registry-server <registry-server> --image-tag <tag>
    • Download updated binaries from the F5 Downloads site.

    • Restart the upgrade/deploy process using --image-tag 0.9.1.