End of Sale Notice:

Commercial support for NGINX Service Mesh is available to customers who currently have active NGINX Microservices Bundle subscriptions. F5 NGINX announced the End of Sale (EoS) for the NGINX Microservices Bundles as of July 1, 2023.

See our End of Sale announcement for more details.

Release Notes 0.9.1

Release information for NGINX Service Mesh, a configurable, low‑latency infrastructure layer designed to handle a high volume of network‑based interprocess communication among application infrastructure services using application programming interfaces (APIs). Lists of new features and known issues are provided.

NGINX Service Mesh Version 0.9.1

This hotfix release resolves an issue affecting version 0.9.0 described below.

Deploying NGINX Service Mesh v0.9.0 fails when using private registry credentials (23236):

NGINX Service Mesh allows containers to be pulled from private Docker registries. If you’re using a Docker registry that requires authentication, NGINX Service Mesh v0.9.0 will fail to start. A deploy message and error similar to the following is displayed:

Deploying NGINX Service Mesh Control Plane in namespace "<namespace>"...
Created namespace "nginx-mesh".
Created SpiffeID CRD.
Waiting for SPIRE to be running...done.
Deployed Spire.
Deployed NATS server.
Created traffic policy CRDs.
Deployed Mesh API.
Deployed Metrics API Server.
Deployed Prometheus Server nginx-mesh/prometheus.
Deployed Grafana nginx-mesh/grafana.
Deployed tracing server nginx-mesh/zipkin.
All resources created. Testing the connection to the Service Mesh API Server...
Connection to NGINX Service Mesh API Server failed.
  Check the logs of the nginx-mesh-api container in namespace nginx-mesh for more details.

Run kubectl -n <namespace> get pods (note: always provide the namespace chosen when running the deploy command) to show the nginx-smi-metrics Pod. It will display as not ready and a status other than Running.


If you’re upgrading, make sure to preserve the configurations saved in the previous upgrade process.

  • Remove the failed services:

    nginx-meshctl -n <namespace> remove
  • If this occurred during an upgrade and immediate restoration of service is required before download of the 0.9.1 images, re-deploy with your prior version images. Otherwise move to next step.

    nginx-meshctl -n <namespace> deploy --registry-server <registry-server> --image-tag <tag>
  • Download updated binaries from the F5 Downloads site.

  • Restart the upgrade/deploy process using --image-tag 0.9.1.