njs Support

NGINX as a Service for Azure supports the open-source njs module, allowing the extension of NGINX functionality with a subset of the Javascript language.

Upload NGINX Configuration with njs

Create an njs script file by uploading a gzipped tar file or create the script file in the editor. See NGINX Configuration for a step-by-step guide.

If specifying an abolsute file path as your njs script’s File path, see the NGINX Filesystem Restrictions table for the allowed directories an Auxiliary file can be written to.

Switch between language options to see syntax highlighting for NGINX configs or Javascript.

NJS Configuration

To use njs, enable the ngx_http_js_module module and specify the js_import directive with your njs file.

load_module modules/ngx_http_js_module.so;

http {
    js_import http.js;

    server {
        location / {
            js_content http.hello;

njs Validation

NGINXaaS for Azure validates imported njs files and module names referenced in the NGINX configuration exist. However, NGINXaaS will not parse, evaluate, or run any provided njs scripts when validating the NGINX configuration. Error logs are not available yet.

fs Module

The njs File System module provides operations with files. NGINXaaS only allows reading and writing from specified directories.

What’s Next

Basic Caching.