View Metrics

This topic explains how to view the metrics for NGINX instances.

This documentation applies to NGINX Management Suite Instance Manager 2.3.0 and later.

The Metrics Summary page includes a highlights section of the most important metrics reported in the last minute, plus a summary of the key system, network, HTTP request, and connection metrics at a glance.

To view the metrics summary for an NGINX instance, take the following steps:

  1. Open the NGINX Management Suite web interface and log in.
  2. Under Modules, select the Instance Manager.
  3. Select an instance on the Instances detail page.
  4. Select the Metrics Summary tab.
  5. To view detailed metrics as graphs, select the Metrics tab.
Select a time range to change the period for the metrics display. The metrics data refreshes every 30 seconds.

For NGINX OSS instances, you can view basic system metrics and metrics for the NGINX data plane. These provide a high-level overview of your system.

Additional tabs for NGINX metrics are available if the selected instance is an NGINX Plus instance. These metrics provide a more in-depth overview of your system.