Edit and Publish Configs

Follow the steps in this guide to view, edit, and publish config files for a selected instance.

This documentation applies to NGINX Management Suite Instance Manager 2.0.0 and later.

Publish Config Changes

  1. Open the NGINX Management Suite web interface and log in.
  2. Under Modules, select Instance Manager.
  3. On the Instances overview page, select an instance’s hostname in the list.
  4. Select Edit Config.
  5. Make your desired changes to the instance’s config files. The config analyzer inspects your configuration for errors when you move off the line you’re editing.
  6. To publish the config changes to the instance, select Publish.
  7. (Optional) To save the changes as a staged config, select Save as and then give the staged config a name. You can publish staged configs to target instances or instance groups.