This topic describes possible issues users might encounter when using NGINX Management Suite App Delivery Manager. When possible, suggested workarounds are provided.

Payload Size Exceeds Internal Data Plane Manager (dpm) Max Message Size

For efficiency reasons, NGINX Management Suite uses a 8 MB buffer for inter-service message communication. However, for very large App Delivery Manager deployments, this buffer may not be large enough to accommodate the NGINX configuration for a particular instance group. If this happens, configuration updates will fail with an error message indicating the NATS max buffer size is too small.


To fix this issue:

  1. Edit the /etc/nms/nms.conf file and increase the value of the max_message_bytes.

  2. Restart NGINX Management Suite:

    sudo systemctl restart nms

General Guidance

App Delivery Manager 4.0.0 can handle a maximum of approximately 5,000 App Delivery Manager objects, including Gateways, Web Components, and TCP/UPD Components. This sum is derived from the total number of these objects within a single Instance Group. The specific arrangement of objects, such as having 1 Gateway with 4,999 Web Components or 2,500 Gateways with 1 Web Component each, does not significantly affect the message size. However, the configuration of each object plays a role, depending on the enabled use cases. Other factors influencing the object limit are the average number of workloads and URIs used by each object.

How to Get Support

If you need additional assistance, refer to the following topics for guidance on how to contact Support and create a Support Package: