Agent CLI Reference

This document is intended to help people run NGINX Agent on the command line. The agent runs as a linux daemon and sends information to the Instance Manager server over grpc polling every 1 seconds.


Install NGINX Agent and know where the binary location is. By default the packager installs nginx-manager to /usr/sbin/nginx-agent.


nginx-agent is the CLI binary for NGINX agent.

  nginx-agent [flags]

  -h, --help                                   help for nginx-agent
      --log.level string                       set log level (panic, fatal, error, info, debug, trace; default: info) (default "info") (default "info")
      --nginx.basic_status_url string          specify stub status URL (see:
      --nginx.bin_path string                  path of nginx to manage (default "/usr/sbin/nginx")
      --nginx.metrics_poll_interval duration   metrics poll interval (default 1s)
      --nginx.pid_path string                  path of nginx PID file
      --nginx.plus_api_url string              specify plus status api url (see
      --server string                          grpc port of the server to connect to (default "")