Billing Overview

NGINX for Azure Billing

NGINX for Azure is a consumption-based service, billed hourly in two dimensions:

  1. NGINX Capacity Units (NCUs)
  2. Data Processed (GB)

These costs will appear on the Azure portal Cost Analysis page and the Azure consumption APIs. There may be a 24h delay before usage appears in the portal.


A Capacity Unit is a synthetic metric that quantifies the capacity of an NGINX instance based on the resource usage of the underlying virtual machines (VMs). It allows you to specify the desired capacity without concern for the VM size and quantity.

During the Public Preview, an NGINX for Azure instance is set to 20 NCUs, billed hourly. The minimum billing time is 1hr. The cost per NCU varies slightly depending on the deployment’s Azure region. See the Azure Marketplace Offer for specific pricing.

Data Processed

The data processed is measured at each NGINX instance, and billed hourly as the sum of all instances.


There are various bandwidth-related charges depending on how you configure your network and where your traffic goes. The standard Azure networking charges will apply to NGINX deployments.


When creating deployments via ARM templates, the correct sku to use is publicpreview_Monthly_gmz7xq9ge3py.