Installation from GitHub Release

Learn how to install NGINX Agent from a GitHub Release.

Install NGINX

NGINX Agent interfaces directly with an NGINX server process installed on the same system. If you don’t have it already, follow these steps to install NGINX Open Source or NGINX Plus. Once installed, ensure the NGINX instance is running.

Install NGINX Agent from Package Files

To install NGINX Agent on your system, go to GitHub Releases and download the latest package supported by your OS distribution and CPU architecture.

Use your system’s package manager to install the package. Some examples:

  • Debian, Ubuntu, and other distributions using the dpkg package manager.

    sudo dpkg -i nginx-agent-<agent-version>.deb
  • RHEL, CentOS RHEL, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux, and other distributions using the yum package manager

    sudo yum localinstall nginx-agent-<agent-version>.rpm
  • RHEL and other distributions using the rpm package manager

    sudo rpm -i nginx-agent-<agent-version>.rpm
  • Alpine Linux

    sudo apk add nginx-agent-<agent-version>.apk
  • FreeBSD

    sudo pkg add nginx-agent-<agent-version>.pkg